Club Enquiry Redirection Page

Sick of having to pay for orders before receiving them?

Sick of holding boxes and boxes of stock?

Want an easier way to order club apparel?

WP are launching a state of the art online club store system which will revolutionise the way your club orders apparel for you club or team.

Your club can have your very own “online club store” where players, staff, supports can jump on your store and order their club apparel and pay online.

You would work with our high level design team to design your products to sell as well as selecting your desired sell prices (min of 5 items must be sold on the store) we would then create your store.

There will be open ordering periods throughout the year that are selected by the club- Players, staff, supports go online and purchase their apparel – once the ordering period Closes TWP would collate all orders and go about making your orders and shipping them out to the club.

The player, staff, supporter would pay via credit card online. Once the ordering period is closed TWP will transfer the difference between the club cost price and club sell price directly to the clubs account.

So effectively the club doesn’t have to outlay any $, hold stock etc- this is great news for clubs as paying thousands of dollars in apparel fees at the start of the season can be tough, not to mention having to find room for boxes of apparel.

The club online stores are available to all sports including football, netball, basketball, cricket, soccer, tennis and any other sport you can think of.

There is a once off $150 set up charge. Some items may have minimum orders but this is only on limited style.

Thank you for your interest a member of our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.