Netball Skirts


If you’re in need of netball skirts featuring high-quality materials, the right shape for your physique, and enviably eye-catching designs, you’re in the right place. At TWP sports, we’re here to provide pleated netball skirts, white netball skirts, black netball skirts, and more. Finding the right item allows you to create a bespoke outfit for your practice, or create a uniform for your team – we give you all the tools you need to create the uniform that really represents the uniqueness of your team – try it out for yourself here.

To ensure each of our netball skirts leave you feeling comfortable, we include:

  • Lycra, which is stretchy and makes it easy for you to move around the court
  • Mesh panelling, to allow more air in, which helps your skin to breathe
  • Or, if you like, you can combine a mix of the two to create the right blend for your comfort

White netball skirts for umpires

Our white netball skirts form part of our umpires range, allowing you to look sleek and professional when you’re overseeing the match. Alongside white netball skirts, we provide short and long-sleeve polos, which you can choose according to the conditions that you’re invigilating in.

Pleated netball skirts

When you choose to wear pleated netball skirts, you add a traditional theme to your outfit. As the skirt style that many associate with this sport, pleated netball skirts have a historical feel to them. At TWP Sports, we produce them in an array of colours.

If you would like to know more about our netball skirt range, call us on 1300 361 181 or breeze through our quick enquiry form