Must Read Methods for Your End of Season Review

netball-dressesThis article first appeared on Teamworks Performance on September 23, 2015.

With the season done and dusted for most clubs, it is important that all coaches start to conduct their own End of Season Review.
It doesn’t matter if you are a football, netball, basketball or any other club or team, an End of Season Review is a must.
Here are two tried and tested methods that your coaching group can use to review your season and prompt discussion for the coming season. The idea of both methods is to find areas to improve and ways to continue to build on what you already do well.


START: What do we need to START doing? These could be new ideas, new part of your game plan, new training methods, news ways to give players feedback, new set play, new schedule etc.
STOP: What do we need to STOP doing? Things that didn’t get the results needed- e.g. certain training methods, a part of your game plan, a team rule, a set play etc.
KEEP: What things do we need to KEEP? Things we did or introduced this year that worked or got the necessary results. These are things we MUST keep.
This method can give you a great way of looking back at the year just gone, as well as give you a good look forward to the pre-season and season ahead. Each section can create great opportunity for discussion and input from the coaching group.

METHOD 2: SWOT ANALYSIS (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

STRENGTHS: What are the strengths of our club/team. What sets us apart from the others? What do other clubs/teams worry about when they play us?
WEAKNESSES: What are the weaknesses of our club/team. What is holding us back? What areas do other clubs/teams look to exploit us in?
OPPORTUNITIES: What opportunities does our club/team have to get ahead of the competition? Do we have a head start in an area or an advantage we can push to use?
THREATS: What are potential problem areas we may have? Do we have anything that may hold us back next season?
This method can be very productive for giving your whole program a good check over. The SWOT analysis method can help set up your direction for the coming season and give your coaching panel a great opportunity to have strong input.

Good luck and happy reviewing!