Introducing TWP’s New General Manager


For you that don’t know me, my name is Adam Skrobalak. I am the owner, and founder, of Teamworks Performance (TWP). TWP was started from a corner desk in Belmont, Geelong with just $150; over the last 8 years TWP has grown into one of Australia’s best custom sportswear companies.

This success has been due to a number of factors; none more important than the support of our loyal clients and our fantastic staff. The support we get from clubs, both in Australia and around the world, is something that words can’t explain and this is the reason why TWP continues to grow year on year.

As some of you know, over the last 8 years, I have continued to coach Aussie rules football at a local, VFL, TAC Cup and now an AFL level. With the ongoing support of our clients and a high number of quality staff members, I have been able to continue to work my way up the coaching chain and fulfil my long term goal of coaching at an AFL club. Since 2015, I have held a part time role as the St Kilda FC ruck coach; I have applied the same hard work ethic to this role as I did in starting up TWP. As of the 1st November, this year, I commence a full time role as an assistant coach with the St Kilda Football Club.

I have been extremely fortunate to have the support of the team at TWP as I have managed both the TWP business and my coaching career. With a view to the future, I have taken this opportunity to hand over the day to day running of TWP to a new General Manager, Michael McCarthy. I will continue my involvement in the business, in an advisory and strategic capacity. Michael joins TWP after a long and successful corporate career with BP Australia and I am extremely confident that he will guide the business through the next phase, which includes a number of exciting projects. These projects will enhance our ability to maintain competitive prices and further improve our turnaround times. Michael’s contact details are as follows:

Michael McCarthy
0424 146 428

In finishing, I would like to thank you for your support and loyalty over the last 8 years; I certainly hope you will continue to support TWP.
Yours Sincerely

Adam Skrobalak
Managing Director
Teamworks Performance