Embriodery F.A.Q’s

1. Why do I have to pay a setup fee?

emb-live-breathe-love-sportEvery new logo needs to be set up and digitised. This process involves converting the logo into the embroidery software, and manually mapping out where each stich will go, and in what direction & order. This process on its own can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to do per logo (please allow 48 hours for initial logo set up artwork to come through).
This process is only required to be done once for each logo (hence the logo set up being a once off). However, if you choose to embroider the same logo but at a larger or smaller size, new set up fees may apply as we will need to set up the new size (which requires the same digitizing process).

2. Do you have the garments or do I have to supply my own?

We can do both! If you have a garment already that you’d like embroidered on, you are more than welcome to bring in (we will check first that it can be embroidered on, and in the spot you like). We would then just charge for the embroidery itself, plus any set up fees.
Alternatively, we have a great selection of suppliers that do a range of garments and products for embroidery. If you’d like to order a garment from one of our suppliers, we would combine the price of the garment + embroidery per garment + any set up fees.

3. What is the turnaround time?

Depending on order size/ our work load, we quote roughly 1 week from logo sample confirmation. We can’t always guarantee rush jobs (as it may mean other clients orders are pushed back) but if you have a date required by, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. We will always let you know if a rush deadline is not able to be met prior to processing your order.

4. How much will this cost me?

Cost is dependent on logo size/ thread count/ how much you’re wanting embroidered etc. We will have the artwork mocked up for you first, and can quote from the artwork before processing the order.
As a guide, standard chest logos (6cm x 6cm) are roughly $5+ GST each, embroidered names (2cm) are roughly $10+GST each and our set up fee is a once off $50+GST per logo. These prices are embroidery only, and do not include any garment. Please always confirm pricing first though.
5. Are there any minimum orders?

There are NO minimum orders for embroidery.

6. Should I get this embroidered or go another option? (screen printing/ heat press/ sublimation)

Depending on what you’re looking for! If you’re looking for a chest logo, name on garment or a logo on a cap/beanie etc. embroidery is a great option. There are no minimum orders and is generally very cost effective.
If you’re wanting quite a large logo on a garment, then screen print could be the way, as very large embroidered logos may be uncomfortable. Please note, there is a min. order of 11 every time for screen print (which isn’t always achievable – especially on re-orders!)
If you’re wanting a bit more design on your garments – then sublimation is the way to go. As this is a printing technology where the ink is dyed into the material, and the garment made from scratch (as opposed to printing on top of an already made garment) – there is no limit on design/ colour! Names/numbers etc. are all included in the cost of sublimation as well. Please just note, there is a min order of 10 for the first order on most garments, and 10 every time on our compression pants.

7. Where is the embroidery done?

Previously we had all embroidery done in our factory in Melbourne, however we have now installed state of the art embroidery machinery at our Geelong H.Q for onsite embroidery.
If you are re-ordering, there may be a period of ‘change over’ to having the logos set up on our new machinery in Geelong, otherwise all new orders are embroidered at our Geelong H.Q.

8. Can you make a design for me?

We sure can! We have an expert team of graphic designers ready to help with your designs. If you don’t have a logo and require us to design or redraw a low quality logo, we can do this as well, but this will incur a re-draw fee. The fee is generally between $20-$50, depending on how much work is involved for our designer.
9. What kind of goods can you embroider on?
We can embroider on everything from shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, caps, beanies, bags, towels and more. We’ll always inspect the garment or goods prior to embroidering and let you know if there’s any issues.
10. How do I contact you for further information?

To chat to one of our friendly team members about embroidery or any of our, make an online enquiry or submit an artwork enquiry click here.