coachingCOACHES- Are you getting the most out of your practice sessions?

These tips are relevant to coaches of ANY invasion sport.

Here are 5 key tips to help you get the most out of your practice sessions.

1) Warm up properly and make sure you include the balls in your warm up
2) Skill training must replicate the game in some way and involve decision making or a changing environment – LANE DRILLS do not fall into this style of training.
3) In your longer drills ensure there is an attacking and defensive component of the drill – Usually a drill or game that involves 2 teams or players with vests is a good way to do this.
4) Make sure your training resembles the game as much as possible – put the players in situations they will face on game day.
5) Make your practice sessions fun. Players learn better when they enjoy themselves and also perform at a higher level.

Here are 5 bonus tips
a) Always carry a whistle
b) Always Plan your sessions
c) Use a stop watch and time each drill or game
d) Don’t talk too much – let the players practice
e) Don’t give the players all the info – letting them think for themselves is a great way to learn