coach-feedback-photoAs coaches we often give our players feedback- Some positive and some negative. We then hope they go away and work on these areas and become better players.
Have you ever thought of asking your players for feedback on your coaching? Wouldn’t this help you become a better coach? Or at least help you go away and think about how you could improve, deal with certain people/players/circumstances differently.

We love to sit back and judge players on how they train, play, recover etc but when it comes to looking in the mirror we are a little hesitant to see what may be looking back at us. Put your pride aside and ask the hard questions- here is how.

There are a few ways you can do this depending on your level of professionalism and technology capabilities.
1) Have your leadership group meet with the playing group and ask some set questions – then present the feedback back to you.
2) Set up a 5-10 question 1 page survey – have them fill these out and handed back to your captain- Players would prefer not to have to write their names on these.
3) Set up a Survey on Survey Monkey- again 5-10 questions- Players don’t need to leave their name. This website will give you graphs etc on the feedback given.

What questions could I ask? Here are some ideas
Ask questions about – pre-season, training enjoyment, game knowledge improvement from training, pre-game meeting, game day warm up, 1/4,1/2,3/4 end of game addresses, recover, feedback, communication etc.

You can ask for answers or ratings- either will be give you a clear idea of what you do well and where you need to improve. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions about your assistant coaches and support team.

Once you have the feedback what you do with it is up to do. You can ignore it or you can use it to improve yourself as a coach. Good Luck